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Dragons are life. o.=.o... Yep. On a serious note, I am a huge Dragon/HTTYD fan and fanatic, so... I need mai dragon drugs yo. I am an all-around hobbyest, so I partake in mostly everything artistic that is available on this site. Photography, Photomanipulations, Traditional and Digital Art, and Literature, you name it, I probably do it. Maybe not well but I do it. I also have AD/HD, which makes things difficult sometimes, but never impossible. :) I am planning on being a Graphic Designer and in the field of Architect and game design, as well as a writer, animator, photographer, and just about anything artistic. >3

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The one that makes me whole <3

~~The one that got me here :iconzaventhefury:~~
Without this silly guy, I probably wouldn't even be here today. He has done alot for me, and my debt is forever unpayable from his acts of kindness. He was, and always will be, my best friend. Love you Zavey~ n.=.n
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Description: Best Male Nightfury OC: It makes sense that this is a pretty high award to get. And it is, no doubt. But this award is just for the actual Nightfury they have created. It's not based on of their drawings are any good. It's not based on cool the actual DEVIANT behind the profile is. This is just the grand award of if your Nightfury is #1
The Nominees: - SnowingInAdelaide, icesky1 , ZiraAvaFury
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It's been a long time since I made a update journal but HAI EVERYONE!

Before I make the real updates, I wanted to go off on a little.. Experience I recently had. So, I don't know why I haven't told myself this yet but I guess I'm having to now after getting this more than once, but the people in the dA forums are JERKS. Oh my goodness, it's amazing how scary some of these people on there can be. I've kind of had this problem when I first started dA and I had asked question about what would be good things for a camera, because I was thinking of being a photographer. Brand new, I knew nothing, and I get randomly body slammed with a comment thrashing everything and "IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE SERIOUS WITH IT AT LEAST GIVE ME EVERY PART OF THE COMPONENTS YOU'RE LOOKING FOR." What components? I didn't even know the start button of a digital camera at the time. I had even said I was starting out and was new with everything, so what would I know?
A recent one I posted was to the WELCOMING area, where you're suppose to get at least some type of sweet hello to help you feel more comfortable starting out in dA. I posted a link to help out an artist requesting for watchers to help him with insightful critiques, and it only took a few people to immediately shut it down. One of them said this:

"Seems he already has enough "company" at the moment."

Seriously? First off, isn't the welcoming area the place where you're SUPPOSE to bring yourself up to be noticed by others because you're new to dA and the community? So why would you say this when I was only intending on the same thing for someone? Second, your watchers are your audience or "company" that keep an eye on your page and new deviations that you post. I watch this artist and I can truthfully say, he barely has ANY watchers because, he's just starting out. Hence why there's a WELCOME CENTER section on the forums, to run to and say you want some friends or notice for your artwork. Lucky for him I'm not posting the icon here, even though I'm extremely tempted, because his name is ironic for this situation. The post has also been deleted because if I were to keep it there open for comments and let everyone bash them down, they would complain like 2 little children, so I'm avoiding conflict.

That peeves me off more than you would understand. The fact of the posts in the forum when you're looking for helpful insight and assistance is, just that: Helpful insight and assistance. Not instant bashing and total demoralization due to your assumptions and overall trashy personality. If you don't like a post, ignore it. Why do you gotta make a person feel like crap before you go? Annoys me. -.-

ANYWAY, this long rant aside, if you're planning on using the forums here for advice, you're bound to get smashed down or completely torn apart by "professionals", so I suggest you ask people close by that would know some information on the topic you need, or heck even me. I don't care, just use caution when browsing those and thinking of what to post. You never know what kind of responses you'll get and from my experience, they're normally bad and rude, so..

If you would like to check him out, his dA is right here: So give him a look and a happy hello :) Probably should have done this first. -.=.-

Yes, sorry about that huge rant, now real things yes. o3o 
On the topic of a job looking for one still. I applied to 5 places, soon to be 6 and i'll be hoping that I can get some for money for new tablet and things during this Christmas. Wish me luck everyone because I want one again QWQ
College!! I'll probably be going back to college when the new semester comes in January, just as a heads up I will most likely be doing full time classes, so I won't be on alot from it, especially if i get a job on the side, but I will do my best to time manage o3o
Art! I am... doing traditional art and.. Actually feeling much more confident in what I'm doing since i'm learning new things and everything, so I'm happy for that ouo Also thank you everyone that understands with the whole request-no-tablet-thing. I appreciate it very much. ><

Alright.. Guess that's everything o3o Have a good day everyone! 8D

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